Segway Scooters for sale

Segway scooter for saleThe Segway is the most unique and fun electric scooter you will ever ride. These marvels of technology allow you to zip through town in a standing position and you steer the Segway by leaning your body in the direction you want to go. It's the most intuitive way to drive ever invented.

These all-electric scooters are also extremely economical because they don't use gas therefore you can kiss those high gas prices goodbye!

How fast does a Segway go?

The average Segway goes just under 13 miles per hour but when you are scooting along in the standing position that's plenty fast.

We have located all the very best deals on Segway scooters for sale and have listed them below. Make sure to check back often because our selection of Segway scooters changes by the moment.

Segway Handlebar Bag, Preowned

Segway Handlebar Bag,  Preowned

Price: $24.99
Time Left: 2h 49m
Mini Segway With Bag

Mini Segway With Bag

Price: $199.99
Buy It Now: $399.99
Time Left: 4h 48m


Price: $999.99
Time Left: 11h 5m
SEGWAY i167 Gen 1 Great Price !!

SEGWAY i167 Gen 1 Great Price !!

Price: $720.00
Time Left: 16h 49m